DORIN enters in GreenMart in Korea

RT-Tech realized in 2018 a project of great technological relevance with the aim of optimizing the energy consumption of the GreenMArt with the Dorin compressors by applying the inverter technology.


The system is made of several different racks with two compressors: an H2500CC under inverter control and an H1501CC at constant speed. The invert variates the frequency of H2500CC in a way that the temperature of the cold room is kept constant and fixed. These allow to reduce significantly the energy absorbed by the compressors together with the evident reduction of the number of ON/OFF cycles of the same compressor. This leads to strong benefits in terms of noise level and eletromechanical stresses on the compressors.
When the H2500CC compressor cooling capacity at maximum frequency is not sufficient to maintain the set temperature, the H1501CC - fixed frequency compressor is activated - and the inverter reduces the frequency of the H2500CC and therefore the power absorbed.
At the moment the data acquisition campaign is still in progress but in this first period of operation the system has shown that this system solution allows a significant increase in energy efficiency (in the order of two figures) compared to an equivalent capacity system that work at a fixed frequency. The H1501CC compressor has been equipped with a phase rectances system to reduce the current absorption in the starting phase. This compressor also works as a backup to the compressor with inverter in the unfortunate event that this may be subject to malfunction, in order to guarantee a temperature suitable for the cell.
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