CD500 / CD600
Ever since it appeared on the market, CD Series represents the new generation of compressors dedicated to the most stressful application: C02 transcritical refrigeration.
CD Series is already the widest range available on the market, but Officine Mario Dorin decided to give the possibility to their partners to select even bigger compressors with several advantages:
  • Reduction of compressors needed on the racks
  • Smaller technical room required
  • Possibility to satisfy larger cooling capacity required

Ideal solutions for:
  • large warehouses
  • food processing plant
  • industrial applications

Therefore, the new ranges CD500 and CD600 have been designed, a 6-cylinder solution for transcritical application that generates the absolutely largest refrigeration capacity range of compressors ever available nowadays on the market.

These have been designed using the most modern calculation software such as FEM and 3D Modelling. Particular attention was paid to the heat exchange phenomena between the part of high and low pressure of the compressor leading to the adoption of an innovative design that optimizes the efficiency of the machine.

The main characteristics of CD500/600 are:
  • Exclusive on the market 20 years of experience in transcritical application (more than 35.000 working transcritical compressors on the field)
  • Optimized piston head design with separation of HP/LP chambers
  • Frequency drive capability (4 pole design, special motor layout, optimized suction gas cooling)
  • Extra smooth operation (low pulsation and vibration)
  • Peculiar tribology solutions coming from the automotive industry
  • Optimized advance reversible oil pump lubrication
  • External discharge manifold (oil temperature reduction, compressor efficiency increase)
  • Displacement from 39,8 m 3 /h to 98.58 m 3 /h the largest on the market
  • Highly efficient and robust working values
  • Optimized stroke-bore ratio for low deap volume and optimum flow cross section
  • Nominal power from 50 to 160 HP
  • Design pressure: 100 bar (LP) e 150 bar (HP)
  • Safety valve on both low and high pressure sides

The Range will also include few models in a double stage format.
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