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MCE Expo comfort will not be held from 17 to 20 March, due to CoronaVirus (covid-19) emergency. This decision was announced with an official press release, postponing the event to September, from 8 to 11. In response to the cases registered in Italy in the last week, and the epicenter of the virus in Lombardy (region where the event took place), the organization took this decision to protect the health of exhibiting companies, associations, visitors, speakers, media and all individuals involved in various ways in the organization of the event.
Officine Mario Dorin, ready to announce the new arrivals during the Exhibition, wishes to present you the new products:

CD2S Series- CO2 Double Stage Application
The New CD2S- 4, Diplacement from 3,37+2,34 m3/h to 5,67 + 3,94 m3/h Power dfrom5,5 HP to 9,00 HP

The new CD-4 range represent the 4th generation of CO2 transcritical compressors, designed using the most modern calculation software such as FEM and 3D Modelling. Particular attention has been paid to the heat exchange phenomena between the part of high and low pressure of the compressor leading to the adoption of an innovative design that optimizes the efficiency of the machine.

New H8 Range- HFC-HFO-HC Application

The New H8 Range Displacement from 303,7 m3/h to 518 m3/h

H8 Range represent the biggest semi hermetic compressors available on the market. The range is made by 9 models, with displacement between 303,7 and 518 m3/h. Electrical motors, from 100HP to 180HP, are optimized for high, medium and low temperature application for the highest efficiency in each of them.
Thanks to the big available displacements and to the compact design, the H8 Range represents the best solution for industrial and commercial applications where a big cooling capacity must be reached with a limited number of compressors.

New VS Range- HFC-HFO-HFC Application

The New VS range Displacement from 349,2 to 518 m3/h

Officine Mario Dorin is proud to present the new compressors of VS Range. The new range is now enlarged by 4 models with 12 cylinders, displacement between 349,2 and 518 m3/h at 1450 rpm and swept volume from 4000 a 6000 cm3. Thanks to the big swept volume and to the wide rotation range permitted for the compressors, VS Range becomes the best solution for all heavy duty industrial applications where the need of big cooling capacity must be reached with a limited number of compressors.

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