Let's Start Again!

The most important thing is that our products are perfect, the motto of the founder that has characterized OMD since its inception over 100 years ago, in 1918, today has more than ever a strategic importance.

OMD, the largest compressor manufacturer in Italy and the third largest in the world, (following only the United States and Germany), over the centuries, has been able to differentiate itself for the very high quality of its products, constantly investing an exceptional commitment in R&D department.

Today, in its fourth generation, it continues to focus on its business in the study, design, production and commercialization of compressors for refrigeration, maintaining the important balance between innovation and tradition.

Pioneer in the use of CO2, the first machine made with the use of carbon dioxide dates back to the 90s, Dorin plays a key role in the development of sustainable solutions in the refrigeration and a/c sector.

Main supporter of natural refrigerants, Dorin has been able to sign a temporal and technological record.

 Today, OMD, is the company globally recognized as a primary reference for anyone who wants to approach and increase his knowledge on CO2 applications

 By actively participating in the incredible progress of natural refrigeration, Dorin has made and continues to make concrete contributions to technical support to define the engineering standards for CO2 throughout Europe and around the world.

In 2019, the company has joined the North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC), an American non-profit organization active in the promotion of natural refrigerants, where the great experience of OMD is fundamental to accelerate progress in North America.

 The executive director, Danielle Wright, welcomed OMD with great enthusiasm in the association, recognizing it as a leading company in the development and advancement of natural refrigerants and a reference point for creating a more sustainable and climate-friendly future.

Today the company produces over 100.000 CO2 natural gas compressors, with a widespread distribution in more than 90 countries around the world.

 In continuous expansion and growth, the company, maintaining its headquarter and primary operating unit in Tuscany, near Florence, today has 4 operating units (located between Italy and China) and 5 direct commercial offices.

In addition to the historic Shanghai Dorin, opened more than 10 years ago and the other three sales offices, in Russia, Indonesia and Brazil , Dorin USA was founded in 2019, enriching the group with new solutions and services and further expanding its offer on the market.

 Even in the face of the world's largest health emergency, OMD did not stop, facing a moment of extraordinary international difficulty with strength and courage.

Together with all Italian citizens and other national companies, Dorin respected the strict national government measures, in order to contain the propagation COVID-19.

By putting the health of its workers first, OMD decided to stop all the activities for 10 days, reopening after Easter only for agri-food and health sectors, always ensuring compliance with the necessary measures to protect its workers.

By showing a great sense of civil and social responsibility,  Dorin wanted to be concretely close to its community by donating, in the period of maximum emergency, surgical masks to the municipality of Fiesole (where its headquarter is located), for sanitary and health security workers.

 An important example of true solidarity that once again affirms the great values ​​and principles on which the historic Florentine company is founded.

 United you can face and win the biggest challenges and OMD knows it well!

In over 100 years of history there have been many periods of turbulence and obstacles encountered and always overcome with tenacity and obstinacy.

Now, continuing to fight the battle against this terrible virus, OMD is ready to enter a new phase, the so-called "PHASE 2", facing it with method and rigor.

 As announced by our Prime Minister on April 26, "PHASE 1" ended, the national lockdown period, which lasted more than a month.

 Starting  from May 4 2020, OMD is very glad to announce the reopening of all business activities.

With the usual indomitable will, Dorin starts again stronger and more ingenious than before, determined to overcome any adversity and to face every risk factor.

Always ready to answer all your needs and requirements, OMD goes on and NEVER gives up!
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