With the purpose of continuously improving its products, Officine Mario Dorin S.p.A., presents its new CO2 compressors platform, the largest available worldwide. Based on a 6 cylinders design, this platform includes models up to 100 hp and 98.58 m3/ h with utmost efficiency levels and premium reliability standards.
The New CD600 range will replace the CD500 range and it will feature same displacements as the CD500 as well as larger capacity models.

Many factors are to be considered unique about this new compressors' platform.

1 Compressors sizes
Up to now, competition products feature much smaller compressors sizes.
This made it very difficult to implement CO2 as mainstream refrigerant in industrial applications, where large refrigeration duties are often involved.
Dorin new range of CO2 transcritical compressors is unique in the market because it basically doubles the refrigeration duty deliverable with a single compressor.
So therefore, with the new range it is possible to significantly decrease the compressors amounts for a given refrigeration duty, this often leading to a lower number of refrigeration racks.
With this new compressor platform, it is possible to cost-effectively and efficiently apply CO2 in all those large applications where an ammonia alternative is sought by the end user.

2 Automotive Technology
This new compressor platform is packed with automotive engineering solution: a lot of design principles used in vehicles combustion engines have been implemented in order to cope with the very challenging operating conditions imposed by CO2 industrial refrigeration systems. One of the most important is the external discharge manifold, which allows the following main advantages:
  • Longer compressor lifetime
  • Higher efficiency levels (high COP)
  • Lower oil temperature
  • Lower discharge temperature (smaller gas cooler, better oil separation, smaller thermal stress on heat recovery plate heat exchangers)
  • Negligible pressure pulsations and vibration
CD600 compressors range is perfectly interchangeable with CD500, with the sole exception of the discharge service valve positioning; the new range allows for simpler compressors assembly and eventual disassembly from the refrigeration system.
    Furthermore, when compared to CD500, CD600 compressors range features several advantages, including:
  • Lower oil carry over thanks to an innovative internal design allowing for further improved lubricant containment into the compressor crankcase
  • Wider operating envelopes, as shown by below figures
  • Improved performances thanks to new gas passages within the compressor
  • Increased maximum discharge temperature to 160°C thanks to higher compression efficiency and to a further improved thermal insulation between HP and LP sides
In conclusion, we can say that the new CD600 Dorin range of large CO2 compressors makes CO2 systems a truly cost effective solution for those large industrial applications, where in the past the only alternative was to use a large number of smaller CO2 compressors.
Many more opportunities are in place with the CD600 new range of DORIN CO2 transcritical compressors that we strongly recommend as a valid and more secure alternative to ammonia and an utmost solution for a sustainable future preserving our planet.
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