This particular and turbulent 2020 is ending.

It has been a year full of challenges but also opportunities and great achievements!

Our new range of CO2 compressors, the CD600 range, has just been proclaimed the winner of the prestigious award promoted by AHR Expo, as the Most Innovative Product of 2021, in the refrigeration category.

This new platform, based on a 6-cylinder design, which currently includes models up to 100 hp and 98.58 m3/h, will be available, from Q2 of 2021, with models up to 102.4 m3/h at 50 Hz, always ensuring the highest levels of efficiency and reliability.

There are many factors that make our CD600 a winning product and we can briefly summarize the main ones here:

1. Allows to double the refrigeration duty deliverable with a single compressor, thanks to compressor size, much larger than the competition. With the new range it is possible to significantly decrease the compressors amounts for a given refrigeration duty;

2. Allows lower delivery temperatures;

3. Allows Lower manufacturing costs compared to an ammonia-based solution;

4. Ensures longer compressor life and higher COP;

5. Ensures a perfect lubrication;

6. Ensures lower oil-carry over.

The use of innovative technologies, coming from the automotive sector and, in particular, the use of a revolutionary external discharge manifold, allows to obtain the great advantages above mentioned, with a significant performance improvement and wider operating envelopes.

In addition, we can say that the new Dorin CD600 range of large CO2 compressors, makes CO2 systems a truly cost-effective solution for those large industrial applications, where in the past the only alternative was to use a large number of smaller CO2 compressors.

In conclusion, we can confirm the countless opportunities offered by these new compressors that we strongly propose, with international recognition, as a valid and safer alternative to ammonia and an excellent solution for a sustainable future, to preserve our planet.

We are in the Era of the Green Deal, and our new CD600 range perfectly respond to this challenge.

Choose Natural, Choose Dorin compressors, a product that sits at the top of the HVACR market!

See you in 2021, stronger and more determined than ever!

We wish you a happy Christmas season, full of peace love and serenity!

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!
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