Dorin CDB/CDM Series for subcritical CO2 Applications with PSs100 BAR/PS 150 BAR
Based on long term experience (20+ years of manufacturing, the pioneer globally in this field) on CO2 compressors and strong of almost 100 years of manufacturing compressors generally, DORIN designed a dedicated series of compressors to meet the specific requirements of those subcritical CO2 applications where is required a high standstill pressure and condensing temperature.
CDB/CDM Series combines the high energy efficiency and tested and reliable features of the CD Series with an increased pressure strength of up to 150 bar at high pressure side and 100 bar at low pressure side in standstill mode.
Thus, in response to regional market developments, DORIN is able to provide reliable, efficient and safe compressors even for any kind of system, including cascade and booster (high PSs values required).
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