Suction valve54 s.[mm]5
Swept volume2160[cm³]3
Net weight211[kg]8
Recommended drive motor15-100[HP]11
Discharge valve42 s.[mm]6
RPM min.750.0RPM9
RPM max.1750.0RPM10
No. cylinders60
Oil charge6,5[kg]7
90VS - Open Type Refrigeration Compressor  | DORIN

DL - Discharge service valve
SL - Suction service valve
A - Oil sight glass
B - Oil charge plug
C - Low pressure connection
D - High pressure connection
E - Oil drain plug
F - Crankcase heater
H - Oil pressure tap

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Open type compressors 1LTZ035_APE_02.2018.pdf
Operating Instructions for Open Drive Compressors 1LTG668-06.pdf
Declaration of Incorporation Open Drive Compressors ATEX 1LTG905_06_DI_2Q_T_D_VS.pdf
Declaration of Incorporation Open Drive Compressors 1LTG906_05_DI_2Q_T_D_VS.pdf
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